About us

Mutante is a creature difficult to classify…
It is a multidisciplinary creative ‘organism’ that mutates and changes into each project and that fights for survival and originality in this concrete jungle saturated with a dense cloud of data and repeated images.
We mutate with each work, first on the inside and then on the outside.
This is a monster with a very big eye and many limbs, able to carry out a very wide ran-ge of creative works. 
We are a creative studio with professionals and collaborators widely experienced in many fields of communication. We offered our clients a complete service so that their projects should reach a top-quality communicative level.

  - Graphic design (corporative identity, advertising, posters, editorials, packaging, etc…)
  - Illustration (editorials, storyboards,  etc…)
  - Photography (advertising, reports, nature, fashion, artistic reports, etc…)
  - Web (design, development, programming, etc…)
  - Audiovisual works (spots, video clips, radio breaks, infographies, animation, etc.. )
  - Musical creation (original soundtracks, tunes, curtain tunes, etc…)
  - Mural decoration (we design and personalize your premises, shop, store, office, room, etc… )
  - Graffiti (decoration, performances, exhibitions, workshops, etc…)

Deseño: Mutante / Desenvolvemento: Óscar Otero